Become a Police Officer Without a College Degree

Did you know that you do not have to have a college degree to become a police officer? Most ads state that you need a degree in criminal justice to be a part of the force, but this is just not true. And, even if you do go out and spend the money for a college degree, that will not guarantee you a spot on the force.

There are two things you must do in order to become a police officer, whether you have a degree or not. You must have top marks on the police written exam and you must do extremely well for the police oral board interview. The fact is if you do poorly on either, you will not only get disqualified, that degree you have will not mean any more than the piece of paper it is written on!

In order to be a police man you need to have good moral character, common sense and a good driving record. You must be at least twenty one years old and have no felony convictions. Not everyone is cut out to be a police man, but if you want to be one and possess the qualities above, you can certainly make it as a recruit, with or without a college degree. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or whether you have a degree or not. What matters is how you handle yourself in stressful situations, and some people handle themselves well, whether they have a degree or not.

Source by EL Forestal